Tins of tripe and foot cream among unusual items left behind after Uber journeys

Six tins of tripe, a bucket of green Sicilian olives and a tub of foot cream have been named as the most unusual items left behind on Uber journeys in the UK in the last year.

The ride-sharing service revealed the list of items as part of its annual Lost and Found Index, which details the lost items reported by passengers in more than 40 towns and cities in the UK.

The list also included a box of chicken, a remote control, silver diamond grills, a single toilet roll, an electric breast pump, a chequered top hat and a single coat hanger.

Many items are reported lost during the Christmas party season (Laura Dale)
Many items are reported lost during the Christmas party season (Laura Dale)

According to the firm’s data, London, Newcastle and Glasgow are the UK’s most forgetful cities – while mobile phones, wallets and bags are the most commonly forgotten items.

Uber also highlighted reports of £50 of steak, a karaoke machine, an engagement and wedding ring on the same journey and a miniature railway all being reported as lost during the last 12 months.

Uber UK’s Fred Jones said: “We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve left something behind.

“But there’s no need to fret. Every Uber journey is recorded with the details of your licensed private-hire driver so you’re more likely to be reunited with your belongings.

“Whether you’ve left behind your keys or your dinner shopping, you can easily contact your driver through the app to arrange its safe delivery back to you. We’ll also anonymise your number so there’s no need to share your personal contact details.”

Uber users who do lose an item can go to the My Trips section of the Uber app and select the trip where they lost something, then choose the “I lost an item” option and “contact driver about a lost item”.

Users can then enter their phone number and Uber will connect the user with their driver to arrange collection.

Alternatively, Uber says users can also contact its support team 24 hours a day, through the Help section of the app if they are unable to contact their driver directly.

Uber said its data found that December 8 was the day most items were reported last, the day the Christmas party season begins, it suggested.

New Year’s Day and February 3 this year – the first Thursday after the end of Dry January – were also named as two of the days when the most items were reported lost.