Starbucks UK to ‘pause use of personal cups’ due to coronavirus fears

Starbucks branches in the UK will be “pausing the use of personal cups” as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus, the company has announced.

The coffee chain said that it would “continue to honour existing discounts” for anyone who brought reusable tumblers but that its drinks would be served in paper cups.

It added that the 5p charge for disposable cups will be temporarily suspended.

Reusable coffee cups
Reusable coffee cups

The announcement comes after the Department of Health and Social Care confirmed on Thursday that 25 more people had tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number in the UK to 115.

Starbucks’ vice president of retail for Europe, Robert Lynch, said: “Out an abundance of caution, we are pausing the use of personal cups or tumblers in our stores across the UK.

“However, we will continue to honour our 25p discount for anyone who brings in a personal cup.

“As a result, we are suspending our 5p…charges for paper cups as well, given this decision prevents customers from opting for reusables.”

“In addition, we are introducing increased cleaning measures for stores as well as for all “for here” ware (ceramic mugs, plates, etc.)”

Starbucks stores in the US have already implemented similar measures.