Boy's 'parkour' front flip off a bench goes horribly wrong

This is the hilarious moment a show-off teen tries to do a 'parkour' front flip off a bench - but ends up flat on his face as the bench collapses underneath him.

Jordan Mackay, from High Wycombe, Bucks, who was just 15 when the video was filmed, can be seen leaping on to the park bench with a determined look on his face, as he stretches up his arms to launch into a flip. But instead, he got an unexpected shock when the square bench gave way beneath him, sending him sprawling onto the grass.

'When the bench gave way we were all shocked'

Two friends stood by and filmed the cringeworthy moment when wooden planks from the bench went flying into the air, before sailing down on to Jordan and hitting him in the face.

Jordan, now 19, said: "When the bench gave way we were all shocked but ultimately just laughed at the whole thing. The fall itself didn't hurt - the board which flew up did hit me in the face, but no serious injuries sustained from that, just a scratch.

"I used to do a lot of stuff like that because I trained in gymnastics when I was younger - but I don't do it so much anymore."

- Video and article from SWNS