Hairdressers in China attach tools to sticks to keep safe distance from customers amid COVID-19 outbreak

A pair of hairdressers in southern China have attached their tools to the end of sticks to keep a safe distance from the customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The somewhat amusing video, captured by a 30-year-old hairdresser named He Bing in Luzhou city in Sichuan Province on March 1, shows hairdressers holding more than one-metre-long sticks with a brush, a shaver and a hairdryer attached to it.

In order to make the customers feel safe, the hair salon provided the "long-distance haircut" after it reopened.

According to reports, the customers featured in the clip were regular customers and they wanted to try the "long-distance haircut".

The owner of the hair salon said they could offer a bespoke service to customers based on their requirements and that the creative idea could bring happiness to customers.