Student uses cartwheel move to win sack race

This is the hilarious moment a student won a sack race - crossing the line with three huge cartwheels.

John Rhiel Pedoche, was narrowly ahead of his opponent who was gaining ground during the sports day at his university in the Philippines. However, the athletic youngster pulled off a stunning series of moves to soar ahead in the race and leave his rival far behind.

John did three cartwheel-style front flips to cross the line, still while keeping his legs in the sack to stay within the rules.

After his delighted classmates cheered the impressive move, John said: ''I'm delighted that my team won the race. The trick worked and it did not break the rule. It's the secret way to win a sack race.''

John Rhiel studies Bachelor of Physical Education at the Cebu Normal University and sack racing is part of their curriculum focussing on indigenous games of the Philippines.