What the papers say – February 28

The impact of the coronavirus on major events and the global economy leads almost every national paper on Friday.

“Virus panic”, screams the Daily Mirror, touching on stock market falls and rushes on buying medical goods and groceries.

The Times and The Daily Telegraph lead on the possibility of major events being cancelled due to the virus.

The i also says the outbreak poses a “shutdown threat to Britain”, while The Independent says it is just “a matter of time” before the disease spreads throughout the UK.

The Guardian reports the virus could prove as damaging to the global economy as the 2008 financial crisis.

And the Financial Times says the virus has triggered the worst run on stock markets since that time.

“It’s in your hands”, says The Sun, carrying a warning for Britons to be mindful of hygiene in the face of the disease.

And Metro tells the story of a man told to wait near ill patients in hospital despite fearing he had coronavirus.

In other topics, the Daily Mail leads with Canada saying it will not pay Harry and Meghan’s security bill.

The Daily Express says Boris Johnson is issuing warnings to the EU ahead of Brexit trade talks.

And the Daily Star says Jeremy Kyle has vowed to make a comeback.