Coronavirus: David and Sally Abel being ‘well looked after’ in hospital

A British couple diagnosed with coronavirus on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship have said they are being well looked after in a Japanese hospital.

David and Sally Abel were taken from the cruise liner after spending almost two weeks in quarantine in their cabin on board.

In a new YouTube video, Mr Abel, from Northamptonshire, who is seen wearing a face mask, called himself “Diamond Dave”.

He added: “Sally is virtually over her pneumonia and I want to believe that mine is well and truly on the way out. I know it’s not quite there yet but it will be soon. And this is without antibiotics.”

He said the couple have not required treatment and their bodies were getting rid of the virus.

He added: “They’re taking very good care of us.

“It’s very difficult when you’re confined to four walls, and you lose your normal freedom and you lose your normal communication and there’s no natural daylight. It’s really hard going but we’re alive.

“We’ve got memories from the fabulous cruise and we’ve got a real hope of seeing our friends and family back in the UK in the not-too-distant future, and that’s what is keeping us going.”