Tory MP makes plea for police to return to traditional blue uniforms

Police forces should ditch their yellow jackets in favour of traditional blue uniforms, according to a Conservative MP.

Richard Drax (South Dorset) said officers resembled a “bunch of children on a sort of trail” when wearing hi vis jackets, insisting the traditional blue ensemble is more in keeping with what a policeman looks like.

He made the suggestion as he argued the need for foot patrols to deter criminals and reassure residents.

Speaking during a debate on the police grant, Mr Drax said the aim of the police should be to “prevent crime and catch criminals” as he warned more pressures have been “piled on” them.

He said: “From looking after people with mental health to picking up wandering dogs, this is not their job – their job is to catch criminals and to prevent crime, and a lot of their time is taken doing other tasks.”

Mr Drax welcomed an increase in police funding but insisted the formula needs to be looked at to help Dorset.

He went on to criticise those who refer to “minor crime” and outlined the “damage” it can do to people.

Mr Drax said: “This is why we need more police officers on the beat.

“I understand the nature of crime has changed and more officers are now behind the scenes dealing with computer crime, online crime and all of those things. I get that.

“But that doesn’t negate the need for men and women in uniform – and not in the yellow jackets, can we get them back in their blue uniforms with the proper hats please, so we know what a policeman looks like.

“They stand for law and order, not a whole bunch of children on a sort of trail with yellow jackets all over the place.

“But we need more officers on the beat so that people can actually see them, the criminals who are about to commit a crime can see them, and that means foot patrols in our cities, our towns and our villages.”