What the papers say – February 19

Headlines on Wednesday’s front pages include post-Brexit immigration changes, the coronavirus and a scientific look at the “beer goggles” effect.

The i splash says the UK has closed its doors to “low-skilled” migrant workers, a story also covered by The Independent and Metro.

The Guardian also leads on this story, reporting the overhaul of immigration laws “will end the era of cheap EU labour in factories, warehouses, hotels and restaurants”, while the Daily Express says it represents “tough new border controls to encourage talent and block unskilled workers from moving to the UK”.

The Sun reports pop singer Harry Styles was “mugged at knife point in a terrifying late night attack”, a story also covered on page 2 of the Daily Mail. The Mail’s lead, though, welcomes the immigration changes as “Boris’s border blueprint”.

The Daily Telegraph’s top story says “Lord Steel faces expulsion from the Liberal Democrats as he is expected to be the first politician singled out for censure by the national child sex abuse inquiry”.

The Financial Times covers the continuing effects of the coronavirus outbreak, saying it is limiting the supply of parts and may lead to closures at Jaguar Land Rover.

A convicted killer with no history of extremism launched a copycat jihadist attack on jail staff last week, The Times reports.

Residents in flood-hit areas have been urged to leave their homes as forecasters say worse deluges are expected today, according to the Daily Mirror.

And the Daily Star has a story saying “scientists have proved beer goggles really do exist, with experts claiming just one alcoholic drink can turn ugly blokes into Brad Pitt in the eyes of the ladies”.