What the papers say – February 16

The passing of Caroline Flack, the star who fronted one of the biggest TV hits of recent years, dominates the papers.

Sunday People and the Sunday Express lead on the Love Island star, while the Daily Star Sunday says tributes were “pouring in” after what the Sunday Mirror calls a “Valentine tragedy”.

The Sunday Telegraph says health officials will order potentially “millions” of people suffering flu-like symptoms to “self-isolate” at home for a fortnight to prevent the spread of the strain of coronavirus known as COVID-19.

The Sunday Times cites senior aides of Prime Minister Boris Johnson as telling the BBC its licence fee “will be scrapped”. The paper also covers Flack’s death, saying her management have accused prosecutors of pursuing a “show trial” against her.

The Government has suppressed “damaging” studies expected to show Britain “will gain little from post-Brexit trade deals with the US and the big economies”, The Independent claims.

New Attorney General Suella Braverman is part of a “controversial” Buddhist sect, according to The Observer.

And The Mail on Sunday quotes an interview in which the Duchess of Cambridge talks about her “struggle against mum guilt” and how parenthood has taken her to the “toughest and most unknown places”.