Looking for a Valentine’s Day date idea? Head to the gym, new survey says

Heaving weights, sweating profusely and being out of breath might not make heading to the gym a particularly romantic gesture.

But nearly three-quarters of Britons said they would consider taking a date to the gym this Valentine’s Day, according to a new survey.

Around 72% said they would have no issue with heading to the weights room, according to Colliers International’s Leisure division, with 62% revealing they have dated a gym member, trainer or member of staff.

It comes as gym attendance across the country is at an all-time high – up by 45% in the past two years – creating an industry worth £3.4 billion.

Ross Kirton, head of UK leisure agency at Colliers International, said: “The UK’s gym market is being fuelled by the fact that gyms are no longer drab spaces full of treadmills and free weights.

“In this age of Instagram, gyms are now having to adapt to the consumer appetite for design-led, beautiful surroundings.”

The survey also uncovered that more than half – 58% – of people said they would be interested in a dating app designed specifically for people who go to the gym.

A further 77% said they go to the gym to hang out with colleagues and 83% said they would make arrangements with friends or partners around a gym class to fit in with their training schedule.