MPs hit out at companies for trying to ‘swing votes’ with biscuits and jam

MPs have hit out against Google and Heathrow for attempting to "swing votes" with packages of jam, biscuits and crisps.

Tory MP Steve Baker and Labour MP Zarah Sultana were both sent packages by the team behind the Heathrow expansion.

The package contained cheese and port flavoured crisps, shortbread, a chocolate bar, a charging bank, jam, tea and a pen.

Ms Sultana said: "It was nice of you to send me this, Heathrow Airport, but I still think building a third runway will accelerate the climate emergency and should be cancelled."

European Research Group chair, and leading Brexiteer, Steve Baker also received the same package.

He tweeted: "What lobbying looks like.

"Today's culprits: Heathrow.

"(Whether a packet of crisps, some jam, shortbread and a charger will swing any votes on a major national infrastructure project... )"

Caroline Lucas also hit out at Google and YouTube for sending a package of "goodies" to her office.

The former Green Party leader, and the party's only MP, tweeted a picture of herself holding a coffee cup and said: "Thanks for the goodies Google and Youtube, but I still think you should pay your fair share of corporation tax."

The Heathrow third runway project was given outline approval by MPs in June 2018.

However, in December the Civil Aviation Authority refused to approve the airport's bid to nearly quadruple the amount it spends before obtaining final approval, over fears passengers would foot the bill if the project did not go ahead.

The London airport had hoped to open a third runway by the end of 2026, but this has been pushed back to 2028-9.