Moose picking a fight with a swing set caught on video

This is the moment a moose picks a fight with a snow-covered swing set. Linda Schwitzke, 57, looked on in amazement as the animal clashed with the children's swing in her sister's backyard in Kenai, Alaska.

The moose attacked the seat, tossing it into the air with its antlers and pawed the ground in a fury as another moose watched the duel in bewilderment.

Linda was resting on her sister's couch when she heard a noise and saw the enormous mammal in a frenzy in the backyard.

She couldn't resist filming the amusing dust up.

"It was attacking the swing," she said.

"It was going mad, so I started videotaping it.

As the moose battled its inanimate rival, the two women worried that the animal may get caught up in the swing set and they would need to call animal control to get it untangled.

"My sister Vicky was running around trying to tape it too," Linda said.

Eventually the moose left the backyard, satisfied that the swing set had been put in its place.