Activist dressed as stick of celery highlights climate change at Irish polling station

An activist dressed up as a giant stick of celery targeted two Irish politicians at a polling station as they prepared to cast their votes.

She brandished a sign outside Kilgarvan Central School in Co Kerry saying: “Climate change is real, it’s an emergency, and we can all fight it by going vegan.”

Danny and Michael Healy-Rae were targeted over their views around the issue of climate change.

Michael previously said that he feels farmers are unfairly blamed for climate change, while his brother Danny stated that he does not “subscribe to the idea that man can influence climate”.

Peta has called on the politicians to “not only to take note of the environmental crisis but also to take action to combat animal agriculture’s massive contribution to the climate crisis”.

Peta director Elisa Allen urged politicians and the public to go vegan to counteract the effects of the meat industry.

“The meat industry kills animals while destroying our planet,” she said.

“As we face historic droughts, floods, and wildfires around the world, Peta is calling on politicians and the public to stop ignoring animal agriculture’s connection to catastrophic climate change and go vegan before it’s too late.”

Meanwhile a polling station in Co Carlow was moved to a pub following a power outage.

The polling station at Kildavin National School, which had just one booth, was relocated to Conway’s pub, in the small rural village.

And there was excitement at a polling station in Dublin after a man’s wedding ring was rescued from a ballot box.

Senator Kevin Humphreys tweeted the tale of how the ring slipped off as the man cast his vote.

He described a scene of “rapturous applause” when the ring was fished out of the box using the aerial from the returning officer’s car.