One in 10 plan to opt for EV as their next car

A growing number of people are thinking of making the switch from a combustion-engined car into an electric vehicle, according to new data.

Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Survey found that one in 10 of UK consumers expects to make their next vehicle purchase an electric one, representing a five per cent increase on 2018, and a six per cent increase on 2019’s figure.

In contrast, 48 per cent would buy a diesel or petrol car – falling from 73 and 63 per cent in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The research was based on responses from more than 1,200 driving-age consumers in the UK.

Michael Woodward, Deloitte UK automotive lead, said: “2020 will see an influx of new EV models enter the UK car market. At the same time, consumer anxiety around battery range is gradually improving as the underlying technology evolves and feasibility of driving electric realised.

“However, the current price of an EV, combined with the ability to charge one, could be holding back more consumers from making the switch to pure electric in the immediate term.

In contrast, a third of those questioned highlighted the lack of charging infrastructure as their main concern when considering making the switch to an electric car. Meanwhile, 45 per cent of consumers said that an EV’s lower emissions and operating costs were primary positive factors in making the change.