Hyundai sound cancellation technology will reduce road noise by up to 50 per cent

Hyundai hopes to ‘increase driving pleasure’ by bringing noise cancellation technology to cars, reducing unwanted sound from tyres and road surfaces while driving.

The automotive giant has teamed up with audio experts at Harman International to launch the world’s first active noise cancellation system for a production vehicle.

Much like sound-cancelling headphones that isolate the user from the outside world, the in-car technology creates waves that cancel out the unwanted sound waves before they reach vehicle occupants’ ears.

Acceleration sensors fitted to the suspension and vehicle chassis can predict road noise and allow the software to cancel it out within milliseconds, resulting in up to 50 per cent less unwanted intrusion.

In its research for the product, Harman said that drivers reported road noise to be the biggest auditory distraction while driving. However, modern consumer demands such as good vehicle handling, high fuel efficiency, stiffer suspension and wider, lower-profile tyres had resulted in increased noise intrusion from the road surface.

Dubbed Road-Noise Active Noise Control, the technology will make its debut on the Genesis GV80 SUV, which goes on sale in the USA this summer.