Nigel Farage unveils his Mr Brexit portrait

Nigel Farage has unveiled his portrait Mr Brexit, which will be auctioned to raise money for charity.

The work created by artist Dan Llywelyn Hall was revealed at L’Escargot Restaurant in London, less than 36 hours before the UK is set to leave the European Union.

Mr Farage told the PA news agency: “I will miss the drama. I will miss being the pantomime villain who gets up and 500 people boo.

“I won’t miss Brussels because it’s a dump. But I will miss Strasbourg which has got lots of family-run restaurants and yeah, of course, I am going to miss that.


“I suppose my level of notoriety is relatively high at the moment and I am hoping we can auction this off for a magnificent charity.”

The money raised by the painting will go towards veteran support charity Care After Combat.

Earlier, he described Brexit as “the achievement of my lifetime” in the wake of the final Withdrawal Agreement vote.

Following his fiery departure speech – which saw him having his microphone cut off and being told to leave “and take your flags with you” by the deputy speaker – Mr Farage said he found it hard to believe Brexit was happening.

Nigel Farage painting donated to us. Thanks to Dan,Nigel and team. It will be on our website auction page next week and ended at our Summer Ball in June

— Care after Combat HQ (@CareafterCombat) January 30, 2020

He said: “As I walked out, for just a second, I did feel something. And then I thought, stiffen up, the cameras might get that.

“It has been a huge chapter of my life. I gave up a career in business to go up and becoming an MEP, arguably it had a very damaging effect on family life and other things.”

He said he will now be spending more time in America: “There is a big election coming up in November. It is no great secret I am a friend of the president’s, I want to see him elected. He may be a bit rough around the edges for some people but on the big stuff, I am joined at the hip with him.”