Chinese man removes mask and coughs on hospital staff after failing to get medicine

A man with a high fever removed his mask and deliberately coughed at hospital staff after he failed to get medicine prescribed by a doctor in central China.

The CCTV video, filmed at Xiaogan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Hubei Province on January 27, shows a man passing a paper to the staff, requiring a refund as the medicine he paid for had run out of stock.

After that, the angry man whose temperature was at 39 degrees for four days suddenly took off his mask and deliberately coughed towards the two workers behind the window.

According to reports, the man from Wuhan had a fever and went to see the doctor to get medicine, but it had run out of stock in the hospital.

The man reportedly just had flu and was not infected by the coronavirus. The two hospital staff were both fine and they have disinfected the indoor area.