Beers for Brexit Party MEPs after Farage’s final European Parliament speech

Brexit Party MEPs went to the bar to celebrate after their leader delivered a speech in the European Parliament for the last time.

Nigel Farage was pictured arm in arm with his fellow members as they drank in Brussels following his final address to the EU institution before the UK leaves the bloc on Friday.

Sharing the image, Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney tweeted: “Say what you like about us Brexiteers but we know how to have a good knees-up!

“Superb fun at this historic moment with ⁦@Nigel_Farage.”

Mr Daubney filmed the moment he and his colleagues bought “10 beers” at the bar, and added: “It’s a carnival atmosphere for jubilant Brexiteers!”

Earlier, after a speech in which he announced the UK “is never coming back”, Mr Farage had led his allies out of the European Parliament chamber waving Union Flags.

As he was rebuked from the chair for the display, the Brexit Party MEPs gave Mr Farage three cheers.

Mr Farage tweeted: “After 25 years of fighting for independence, this is my final contribution in the European Parliament.

“We were told to leave with our British flags, and that’s exactly what we did.”

German MEP Martin Sonneborn, leader of the satirical party Die PARTEI, recorded the moment Mr Farage waved goodbye to the chamber.

Tweeting in German, Mr Sonneborn said he was now the “only political clown” left in the European Parliament.

Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver shared a video of himself at the bar with Nathan Gill, in which Mr Daubney could be seen behind them grinning into the camera and swigging from a beer.

Asked what he made of Mr Farage’s final speech, Mr Gill said: “It was absolutely historic… we walked out of that chamber with our flags.

“The president actually said to us take your flags and leave, so we picked up our flags and Nigel said, ‘Come on lads, we’re off’ and we left.

“We’ve Brexited, we have, there’s no returning from this and thank heavens… all I can say is roll on the 31st and roll on freedom.”

MEPs voted by 621 to 49 in favour of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, paving the way for Britain to leave on Friday with a deal in place.