Met Police officers to begin using facial recognition cameras

Police in London will soon start using facial recognition cameras for the first time.

The Metropolitan Police said the technology will be used in the fight against serious and violent crime, and also to help find missing children and vulnerable people.

Suspects wanted by police or the courts will be on “watchlists”, and if they are spotted by the cameras they will be approached by officers.

Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said the technology will be deployed for the first time “within a month”.

Trials of the cameras saw them used in locations including the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford and London’s West End.

Mr Ephgrave said: “Every day our police officers are briefed about suspects they should look out for; live facial recognition improves the effectiveness of this tactic.

“Similarly if it can help locate missing children or vulnerable adults swiftly, and keep them from harm and exploitation, then we have a duty to deploy the technology to do this.”