Migrants picked up by French authorities north of Calais

Eleven migrants have been picked up by French authorities in the English Channel.

A boat was detected about 4.5 miles north of Calais at about 1.45am on Thursday morning.

The patrol boat Aramis was despatched to the migrant boat, which had been suffering engine failure, French authorities confirmed.

Air temperatures in the region were thought to be as low as 5C.

Ten of the individuals on board had mild hypothermia, while the other was reported to be in a worse condition.

They were taken aboard the Aramis at 2.47am and brought to the port of Calais.

All are now safe following the rescue, and French authorities reiterated their warnings about crossing the dangerous shipping lanes.

It comes after 50 migrants were intercepted by UK and French authorities on Wednesday as they attempted to cross the channel.