Police rescue deer trapped in freezing cold pool

A police officer in Kentucky, USA, was the first responder to an unusual emergency on Monday, when he came across a deer trapped in a freezing cold swimming pool.

According to the Lexington police department, the temperature was -7 degrees celsius when the officer arrived on the scene. The deer was slumped motionless in the pool, with its forelegs reaching over the side.

The officer's dramatic bodycam footage shows him attempting to haul the unfortunate animal out of the pool. Unfortunately, the soaked doe proves to be too heavy, so he calls for backup. "I've just got one foot off the edge," the cop tells his partner. "Just don't slip in!"

Thankfully, the deer regains its life force and is saved after the officers lift it over the pool's edge.

"Well, she's good!" the officer says as the mammal lopped off into the woods.

"You never know what a day on patrol will bring!⁣" the department wrote on its Twitter account.