UK truck driver swerves off road to avoid head-on collision

This truck driver was lucky only to lose his wing mirror after narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with an overtaking van on a country road.

Dashcam video captured at 7am on October 10, 2019 shows the truck driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, driving on his way to work along the B645 in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire.

The nerve-wracking footage shows a small white van overtaking a larger white van.

Sensing danger, the driver of the dashcam vehicle slows down, beeps his horn and lets out an expletive.

The dashcam truck only just manages to avoid a head-on collision with the oncoming vehicle, veering off onto a grassy bank but as they graze each other, a crunching noise is heard and the wing mirror is seen flying off. The dashcam vehicle eventually comes to a halt.

The driver commented: "This stretch of road is notorious for accidents. Since the road is quite long people often try and overtake the cars if it's safe to do so, but in all of my driving career I have never seen anything like this!

"A van out of nowhere just keeps coming and coming towards me! I have all my lights on and it's like the van driver is blind!

"The van driver doesn't even slow down and I'm blasting my horn and flashing my lights at him.

"To this day I don't know how we didn't hit head on! I count my lucky stars and I went and put the lottery on after this accident!

"The van driver did not stop and luckily I swerved in time, and he only hit my mirror! I managed to trace the van driver via the company name on his van which I captured on my dash cam!

"The van driver admitted he was in the wrong and paid out, and we left it at that. I have a feeling if I sent this video to the police the van driver might not be still driving!"