Machete-wielding attacker claimed his life was ‘worth more’ than Pc, court told

A white van driver launched a “savage” machete attack on a police officer then claimed his life was “worth more” than his victim, a court has heard.

Handyman Muhammad Rodwan, 56, repeatedly chopped at Pc Stuart Outten’s head after he was pulled over for being uninsured in Leyton, east London, in August last year.

Pc Outten, 29, suffered multiple wounds to the head and arm, skull fractures and broken fingers but still managed to use his Taser to disable Rodwan, the Old Bailey heard.

After being arrested, Rodwan allegedly claimed he acted in self defence, and said: “My life is worth more than his life.”

Opening the trial, Jonathan Rees QC said: “This case concerns a savage machete attack that was carried out by the defendant on a police constable during what should have been a routine stop.

“Despite the ferocity of the attack, and the seriousness of the wounds he had already received, Pc Outten somehow managed to discharge his Taser weapon which disabled the defendant and brought the attack to an end.

“The evidence suggests that had he not managed to fire his Taser, his injuries could have been far worse and even fatal.”

The court heard how Pc Outten and Pc Helen Brooks were in a marked police van just before midnight on August 7 last year when they spotted the defendant’s uninsured vehicle.

Pc Outten turned on the blue lights and the defendant came to a halt at the side of the road.

Rather than getting out of the van, Rodwan drove off, finally coming to a halt about 300 metres away, Mr Rees said.

Pc Outten informed him he had been driving without insurance and grabbed Rodwan’s arm when he tried to shut his door, the court heard.

As the situation escalated, Pc Outten held the defendant’s dreadlocks, a few of which fell out in his hands, jurors heard.

Pc Outten arrested the defendant and made to handcuff him, telling Rodwan to “stop fighting, stop resisting”.

Rodwan allegedly made “guttural sounds” then hacked at Pc Outten with a machete he had retrieved from inside the van.

Audible chopping sounds could be heard on graphic police body-worn video played in court as Pc Outten shouted “machete, machete”.

The injured officer then reached for his Taser as the defendant allegedly pursued him, aiming more blows.

Mr Rees said: “Despite the nature of the attack, Pc Outten managed to retain and operate his Taser.

“The first shot failed to incapacitate the defendant, but Pc Outten somehow managed to fire a second shot as he was falling to the ground and the defendant was launching himself at the officer, plainly aiming a further blow with the machete at his head.

“This second shot did hit the target and the defendant fell to the ground and was rendered immobile by the subsequent electrical discharge.

“Despite bleeding heavily from his head wounds, Pc Outten continued to activate the Taser when necessary to keep the defendant under control.”

Police officer stabbed in east London
Police officer stabbed in east London

Pc Outten shouted at a bystander to retrieve his radio which he used to report his stabbing and called for an ambulance.

Members of the public gave first aid, with one kicking the defendant in the head as he tried to get up, the court was told.

Rodwan, from Luton, denies attempted murder, an alternative charge of wounding with intent, and possessing a machete on High Road, Leyton, on the night of August 7 last year.