The new electrified London cab is now on sale in Japan

The iconic London black cab could be about to become a hallmark of Tokyo, with the reimagined legend now on sale in Japan.

Built by the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) in Coventry, the TX electrified taxi hopes to be a big hit on the other side of the world by offering an alternative to traditional large premium saloons and minivans.

LEVC says Japan’s taxi fleet is around 240,000 vehicles with 50,000 in Tokyo alone, while new on-demand passenger shuttles and ride-sharing services are opening up even more demand.

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC chief executive, said: “We are delighted to further grow our international footprint of green mobility solutions with the launch of the TX in Japan.

From inner city to out of town. A green mobility shuttle which combines zero-emissions pure electric capability with the flexibility of an on-board

— LEVC (@LondonEVCompany) January 12, 2020

“We are reinventing a British icon, transforming the company from a traditional taxi manufacturer to a green mobility company, producing a wider range of electric commercial vehicles.

“The electric TX will set new standards across Japan in the taxi and premium shuttle market, delighting passengers, drivers and fleet operators alike. We are looking forward to seeing TX on the streets of Tokyo and across cities throughout Japan.”

The British-built TX features an electric plug-in powertrain with a small petrol engine that can top up the battery where needed. It can travel up to 81 miles on electric alone, with up to 373 miles available when including the petrol engine.