These are the cars to look out for in 2020

With the new year well and truly rung in now, it’s time to focus on what’s coming over the next 12 months — here particularly in the motoring world.

As attention continues to be focused squarely on electrification, autonomy and tech-heavy cars, there’s a lot of fresh metal arriving on the market to get interested in. Here, we take a look at the cars in each class that have us most intrigued.

Crossover — Ford Puma

Once a two-door, Fiesta-based coupe, the Ford Puma has been reborn into a crossover as a result of current market trends — although it does remain Fiesta-based.

This funky-looking machine will hit dealerships early in 2020 and packs some clever technology under its skin. Mild-hybrid powertrains feature in a bid to improve efficiency, while a ‘MegaBox’ compartment in the boot is on hand to maximise practicality.

Convertible — Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

Though the idea of a crossover-turned-convertible is no new thing — look at the Range Rover Evoque Convertible as an example — the idea is still quite novel and Volkswagen has introduced a surprising take on the idea.

This is the T-Roc Cabriolet, which takes the otherwise normal T-Roc and brings a soft-top experience to the car. It remains to be seen if it can carry over the impressive driving dynamics of the vehicle underpinning it, though there is no doubt its canvas roof brings a new element of appeal to the car.

Estate — Skoda Superb iV

With diesel on the decline, demand for electrified estates is soaring in a segment that has traditionally proven predominantly black-pump powered.

One of the latest that’s sure to be a favourite of fleet customers across the UK is the upcoming Superb iV. It builds on the supremely-practical Czech estate with a 1.4-litre petrol engine linked up to an 85kW motor, allowing for a claimed electric-only range of 34 miles.

No official images of the estate have yet been released, but expect it to arrive alongside its saloon sibling early this year.

Hatchback — Volkswagen Golf Mk8

Despite being one of the best-known names in the business, the arrival of a new Golf is still something to get excited about. The MK8 comes to market with a fresh new look and more interior tech. There’s a cleaner, more efficient range of engines, too.

Though we’ve yet to see it in full, expect a go-faster GTI to arrive in 2020 as well.

MPV — Mercedes EQV

There was a definitive shift towards electric during 2019 and it appears that during 2020 the electric revolution is likely to go full-throttle. Cars like the Mercedes-Benz EQV are an example of this. Moving forward from the EQC SUV, the EQV is an electric van which, Merc hopes, will electrify the commercial segment.

It’s likely to be one of a number of electrified Mercedes vehicles due to arrive in 2020, but it shows how widespread the manufacturer is planning to make its electrification strategy.

Pick-up — Jeep Gladiator

We’ve already seen the Jeep Wrangler arrive on the UK’s roads in all of its big, brash glory. But now, it’s time for something with even more presence and that’s the Gladiator. Essentially a five-seater pick-up version of the Wrangler, it’s a real slice of Americana which is set to come to our roads.

Though there’s been no official confirmation, it’s expected that the Gladiator will factor into Jeep’s European strategy during 2020 – so fingers crossed it’ll be in the UK soon.

Saloon — BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

In the ever-expanding world of niches comes the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, a four-door version of, er, BMW’s two-door 2 Series. It follows suit against the rest of the firm’s line-up, with cars like the 8 Series Gran Coupe and 4 Series Gran Coupe using the same design.

Expect a range of petrol and diesel engines, and there’s a chance of a hybrid powertrain too – though nothing has been confirmed as yet.

SUV — Land Rover Defender

In terms of highly-anticipated vehicles, the all-new Land Rover Defender has to be right up there. New from the ground-up, it’s a stark departure from the classic Defender, but Land Rover has worked hard to ensure that the new model gets at least a hint of the character of the old car.

In Defender fashion, there will be a variety of specifications and wheelbase choices, as well as engines. Oh, and there’s going to be a hybrid version too – so there’s an option for those people who want the cleanest version of the Defender available.

Van — Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is a van beloved by drivers across the UK. It’s compact, easy to drive and extremely practical. Having been in production for many years, it’s now being replaced by an all-new version.

Boasting more technology than before without forsaking any of the practicality and spaciousness that the older Caddy was well-known for, this latest version is likely to be just as popular.

Performance car — Audi RS6

In a year which is set to host many a big reveal, the Audi RS6 certainly stands out from the crowd. The old RS6 was a performance powerhouse, bringing supercar-scaring acceleration in a package which had enough space for five people and their luggage.

This new one is more powerful than before while being sharper and more engaging to drive. It’s no less practical, however, and it’s a great-looking thing too.

Luxury car — Mercedes-Maybach GLS

Having revived its Maybach brand a few years back, it was only a matter of time before Mercedes affixed the luxury nameplate to its flagship SUV.

Later in 2020, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS will arrive as that car — boasting a plethora of high-end features and materials for the ultimate in comfort. Along with distinctive looks, it brings a powerful V8 engine, a 27-speaker audio setup and reclining rear seats among a plethora of other features to the GLS.

Electric car — Volkswagen ID.3

Though Volkswagen had a crack at making an electric family hatchback with the e-Golf, it was never a serious effort at bringing EVs into the mainstream.

This year will see it launch a full-fledged effort to make a battery-powered vehicle a mainstream consideration with this — the ID.3. Similar in size to a Golf, the German hatch will come in a variety of powertrain configurations, the largest of which promises a range of 261 miles between charges.