Tributes paid to ‘unusually rich legacy’ of philosopher Sir Roger Scruton

Tributes have been paid to the conservative philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, who has died aged 75 after living with cancer for six months.

The journalist and author Peter Hitchens wrote on social media: “RIP Sir Roger Scruton, a man of immense courage, intellect and fortitude, whose loss we can ill afford in these narrow, conformist times.”

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan said on Twitter: “Professor Sir Roger Scruton, the greatest conservative of our age, has died. The country has lost a towering intellect. I have lost a wonderful friend.

“There was no subject he could not light up with his effulgent prose: architecture, theology, music, fox-hunting, painting, wine, philosophy. I honestly can’t think of a wiser or more complete contemporary writer.”

BBC presenter Amol Rajan added: “Roger Scruton put even those with whom he disagreed profoundly in a debt which they will never service.

“What a life. For sheer lucidity, erudition, and wisdom, I think he wrote the best English prose since Orwell. His humanity and humour have gone; but his ideas will never die.”

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “Deeply sorry to learn of the death of Sir Roger Scruton.

“His work on building more beautifully, submitted recently to my department, will proceed and stand part of his unusually rich legacy.”

Oxford University history professor Timothy Garton Ash paid tribute, tweeting: “Saddened to hear news of death of Roger Scruton, a man of extraordinary intellect, learning & humour, great supporter of C European dissidents, & the kind of provocative, sometimes outrageous Conservative thinker that a truly liberal society should be glad to have challenging it.”

Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox wrote: “I’m devastated. I’d hoped he’d fought C off, as he fought off so many of his foes for decades.

“Roger Scruton was so good to me over years, regardless of our political differences. I loved his mind, his writing, his humour. He taught me so much about music, beauty and life.”