What the papers say – January 11

The front pages present different accounts of Harry and Meghan and the royal rift.

The Queen “wants rift repaired in 72 hours”, according to The Daily Telegraph.

A poll reveals “fury” over the Sussexes’ actions and says the couple should be “evicted from their Windsor cottage and be made to pay back the £2.4 million of public money spent on refurbishing it,” according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Express says the “Queen is ready to cut a generous deal with her grandson Harry” which would allow the couple to step back from their official duties and continue “to receive royal funding”.

The Daily Mirror praises the “Queen’s Bravery”, quoting a source as saying: “When all around her is crumbling, she will steady the ship whatever it take.”

The royal family has denied that Harry and Meghan are being “driven out”, according to The Times.

The Guardian reports that counter-terrorism police have targeted “school climate strikers” alongside right-wing extremists.

Weapons manufacturers will receive a £14-billion boost from the ongoing Iran crisis, according to the i.

The besieged manufacturer Boeing’s woes have worsened as one of its big suppliers announced thousands of staff redundancies amid fresh criticism from US politicians, says the Financial Times.

And the Daily Star reports that actress Linda Robson “broke down in tears” on television while discussing her obsessive-compulsive disorder.