Three quarters of people think Sussexes should give up taxpayer security

Three quarters of people think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should give up publicly funded security when they "step back" from their senior royal roles, according to new polling.

When questioned, 76% of people said Harry and Meghan should sacrifice their Metropolitan Police protection, and 73% said the same for taxpayer funded security measures, a survey for the Daily Mail has found.

It comes after the couple vowed that they would work to become "financially independent" as they step down from their frontline role.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday evening, the Sussexes outlined their plans for the future, dividing their time between the UK and North America.

Their intentions are the subject of urgent meetings begun in earnest on Friday after directions from the Queen and other senior royals.

The majority of the public also think the Queen was treated "shoddily" by their announcement.

A total of 60% of people questioned said the monarch was treated badly, alongside 71% who say they were wrong to not tell her in advance of their announcement.

However, people still believe that the Queen should let them leave, with 72% saying they should be allowed to go, compared to 16% who say she should ask them to stay.

The figures come as the couple are "hopeful" discussions to find workable solutions for their future roles in the royal family can be concluded "sooner rather than later".

Speaking about the duke and duchess, the source told PA news agency: "They, like everyone, are hopeful this can all be worked out, sooner rather than later.

"It is in everyone's interest for this to be figured out, and figured out quickly, but not at the expense of the outcome."