Activists protest against Australian government’s response to wildfires

Climate change activists in London are protesting against the Australian government’s response to the devastating wildfires, in solidarity with thousands rallying on the other side of the world.

Extinction Rebellion activists, including many people from Australia, are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “act now” outside the Australian embassy in central London.

Five hours earlier, thousands of Australians were protesting on the streets in almost every capital city in the nation, according to ABC News.

Australia bushfires
Australia bushfires

More than 100 activists brandishing signs reading “burning earth”, “Scott Morrison is a fire starter” and “wake up and smell the smoke”, are demanding more action to tackle the fires, at the Strand in London.

Red-cloaked activists with chalk-white faces also joined the demonstration.

Dorothea Hackman, a 67-year-old grandmother supporting the protest, said the Australian government did not prepare for the wildfires despite warnings from climate change scientists.

Australia bushfires
Australia bushfires

Ms Hackman said: “I am just so very sad for people and wildlife in Australia.

“The bushfires around Canberra in 2003 showed us what to expect and there have been warnings about the consequences for Australia of climate change, yet the government did not prepare.

“We need to see the Australian government acknowledge the connection between climate change and these bushfires, and declare a climate and ecological emergency now and take action.”

We stand in solidarity with all living beings affected by the #AustralianBushfireDisaster and call on all governments to address the #ClimateEmergency with the urgency it requires.#StopAdani#AustraliaBurning#ActNow

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— Extinction Rebellion London (@XRLondon) January 10, 2020

Another activist, who is an NHS doctor and mother of four, Anna Moore, added that emergency departments in Australia are “overwhelmed with people”.

An Extinction Rebellion spokesman said protesters are also taking a stand in Sheffield, Bristol and Lambeth, as well as in 30 countries worldwide from Argentina to Zambia.