Kylie Minogue has a Neighbours flashback in Tourism Australia promotion

Kylie Minogue dons the mechanics overalls famously worn by her Neighbours character as she briefly reprises the role for her latest project.

The singer, 51, who rose to fame as Charlene Robinson in the soap from 1986 to 1988, rolls out from under a car in character as part of a video filmed for Tourism Australia.

The Australian pop star sings and stars in the video, titled Matesong, which is aimed at enticing British people to visit her home country.

Minogue, who was born in Melbourne, but has also called London her home in recent years, said filming Matesong was "a dream come true".

She said: "I've had the opportunity to see parts of the country I haven't seen before, as well as to go home and revisit places that I know are beautiful.

"I'm such a proud Australian that I've spent most of my life travelling around the world sharing my stories of Australia with anyone who would listen, so I kind of feel like a walking tourism advert for Australia already."

The nearly three-minute video, aired on ITV before the Queen's Speech and originally teased by Minogue on social media as "Kylie and mates", also features other famous Australians including comedian Adam Hills, cricketer Shane Warne, world tennis number one Ashleigh Barty and Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe.

Another set of famous faces in the video, which has lyrics written by Eddie Perfect, are twins Zac and Jordan Stenmark who rose to fame in the modelling world and whose credits include campaigns for Abercrombie and Fitch, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Also featured is UK-born chef Darren Robertson, who lives Down Under and is co-owner of Australia-based restaurant, Three Blue Ducks, as well as the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars.

While koala bears feature in the video, another member of the marsupial family, the quokka, also makes a star appearance.

The furry animals, which are found predominantly on Rottnest Island off the west coast near Perth, have become a tourist favourite as people flock to take selfies with them.

Phillipa Harrison, managing director of Tourism Australia, said: "The Queen's annual Christmas speech is a key cultural moment in the UK, with millions tuning in to watch on television and many more online.

"We also know that January in the northern hemisphere winter is a time when many Brits are thinking about an overseas holiday, providing the perfect opportunity to engage with a captive audience and remind them why they should make that next trip Australia.

"And who better to deliver the message than Kylie Minogue? She embodies so much of what we want to share with the world – our warm, fun and friendly personality.

"Not only does she have a deep and authentic connection with Australia, but she is a much loved and recognised icon in the UK as well".

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