Towering chimney at power station on Thames demolished

Stunning video shows the towering chimney of a power station on the River Thames being demolished.

Hundreds of people flocked to the banks of the river to watch the huge landmark come tumbling down on Sunday morning.

After a loud bang, the tower was soon replaced by a cloud of smoke and debris – caught on camera from across the river.

Littlebrook Power Station was an oil-fired power station built in the 1980s, located in Kent on south bank of the River Thames next to the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and the Dartford Tunnel.

Littlebrook Power Station chimney
Littlebrook Power Station chimney

The original power station first started generating electricity in 1939.

At one point, the station had an installed generating capacity of 1245MW – enough to meet the needs of more than one million households.

On Sunday, the huge chimney was destroyed, visible from miles around and filmed from Purfleet by local resident Phil Church.

Littlebrook Power Station chimney
Littlebrook Power Station chimney

He told the PA News Agency: “It was quite a powerful boom. You could feel the blast from across the river.

“It became quite a landmark for everyone I think. Certainly for me.”

Mr Church, 45, who lives in nearby Aveley, added: “You always knew you were nearly home when you caught a glimpse of it. Listening to everyone there this morning and the riverside was packed with people, they said very similar.

“It’s been there many years. Sad to see it go really.”