What the newspaper websites say – December 13

Boris Johnson’s landslide election victory dominated newspaper websites on Friday morning as Britain woke up to find out about a disappointing night for Labour.

The Mail Online said the result represents the “Dawn of Boris’s Britain”, while The Sun hailed the Prime Minister as “Father Brexmas”.

The Telegraph, The Times and The Financial Times lead on Mr Johnson saying that his election victory gives him a strong mandate from the British people.

Meanwhile both The Mirror and The Guardian report that the result means that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will not lead his party into another election.

The Metro branded the result as “dramatic”, while the Daily Star reports that Mr Johnson was able to secure a “massive Tory win in Labour heartlands”.

The Express labelled the result as a “political earthquake”.

The Independent put the result in a historical context, noting that the Tories have secured their biggest landslide since Margaret Thatcher, while the Labour Party has suffered its worst result since Clement Attlee was leader.

The Yorkshire Post and The i both report the sweeping majority that has returned Mr Johnson to Number 10.