UK population backs EU plans to fit breathalyser tech to all new cars

EU plans to fit breathalyser tech to all new cars within the next three years are supported by the UK population, a new survey has found.

A poll of 1,025 visitors to car supermarket Motorpoint’s website found an overwhelming majority of 70 per cent were in favour of the idea.

In November, the European Council rubber-stamped plans for all new cars to feature the ability to be fit with a breathalyser by 2022 in a bid to drive down the number of accidents involving drink drivers.

Speaking at the time of the legislation’s approval, Timo Harakka, from the European Council, said: “These new rules will help us to reduce significantly the number of fatalities and severe injuries on EU roads. They also enhance the European car manufacturers’ competitiveness in the global market.”

It’s not known what form the breathalysers will take yet, but it’s likely to see convicted drink-drivers be required to blow into a wired-in unit before being able to start a car’s engine.

Despite Brexit being on the horizon, it’s unlikely this 2022 EU plan will be canned for the UK. Previously, the Government has stated it would mirror EU vehicle safety rules.

Mark Carpenter, Motorpoint chief executive, said: “The results of the Motorpoint poll clearly show the strength of feeling among the vast majority of UK motorists against drink driving and we welcome the introduction of any technology that will help to eradicate this problem in the future.”