Joanna Cherry vows to ‘defend Scottish democracy from Boris Johnson’

SNP MP Joanna Cherry has said she will focus her energies on defending “Scottish democracy from Boris Johnson” in the pursuit of a second independence referendum.

The SNP MP for Edinburgh South West was returned to her seat with 24,830 votes and an 11,982 majority.

She used her victory speech to describe the Prime Minister as “a stranger to the truth, an avoider of scrutiny and a huckster who would sell the NHS to the highest bidder”.

Ms Cherry, a QC, spearheaded legal challenges to the UK Government’s prorogation of Parliament and attempts to leave the EU with no deal on October 31.

It appeared from her victory speech that she would do the same in an effort to gain a second Scottish independence referendum.

She said: “Across Scotland tonight, constituency after constituency has rejected Boris Johnson’s Tory party and they have rejected their message of ‘get Brexit done’ and they have rejected their message of ‘no to indyref2’.

“The result south of the border is rather different. Scotland now has to decide whether it is time for us to embark on a different journey from the rest of the UK.

“In the last Parliament, I did my best and was at the forefront of the fight to defend British democracy from Boris Johnson.

“Now it’s time for me to switch my energies to defend Scottish democracy from Boris Johnson.

“Please, rest assured I will do that and nothing and no-one will deter me from doing that.

“My message to Westminster is this: Scotland didn’t vote for Boris Johnson, Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit.

“It’s time for Scotland to choose its own future and it’s time for a second Scottish independence referendum.”