James O'Brien reacts to Boris Johnson's election win

Radio presenter James O'Brien's, an outspoken critic of Boris Johnson and Brexit, has responded the Conservatives big victory in the general election last night with a passionate monologue on his LBC show.

The Tories took seats from Labour in Leave-supporting areas of the country and are expected to have 365 seats in the House of Commons when it reforms - a majority of 80.

Speaking on his LBC show the day after the election, O'Brien had harsh words for both Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

He said: "The man who won the election last night has a list of lies longer than your arm already on his record.

"We may be about to see the first case of of a politician about to change its spots. Or it may be that the silver lining of this election for those of us unimpressed by Boris Johnson's track record is that we know he will throw anyone under the bus.

"He will throw anybody under the bus if it serves his purpose in the short term.

"This majority of 80 allows himself so much space that the question is what is he going to do with it?

"And the noises from the EU give almost grounds for optimism. I think the likelihood of a BRINO (Brexit-in-name-only) has increased."

As for Jeremy Corbyn and the left of the Labour party, he said: "They will be queuing up to say it's the media's fault. Or it's the Zionist lobby's fault. Or it's the Centrists' fault. Or it's all Tony Blair's fault.

"It's everybody's fault except Jeremy Corbyn's fault.

"You're wrong. But I appreciate you're not ready to hear that yet. And that is the problem.

"You weren't ready to admit it after the last election. You weren't ready to admit it after the debacle of the Brexit referendum. You weren't ready to admit it after various catastrophes beset the leadership.

"You still kept the faith. For me, the way I feel is that the Brexit believers are very similar to the die-hard Corbynsitas.

"It was as if both were telling us all you had to do is believe more."