Constituency profile: Pudsey

Pudsey is one of the Conservatives’ most vulnerable seats in the country.

It ranks second on a list of Tory constituencies that are most at risk of being gained by Labour.

Stuart Andrew won Pudsey in 2017 by a majority of just 331.

A swing of 0.4% is all Labour needs to take the seat.

No surprise, perhaps, that Boris Johnson chose Pudsey as one of the places to visit on the final day of election campaigning.

POLITICS Election Pudsey
POLITICS Election Pudsey

The constituency has been a “bellwether” since 1979 – one of those seats that has a habit of changing hands only when the government itself changes hands.

As such it was represented by Labour between 1997 and 2010, and has had a Conservative MP since 2010.

Stuart Andrew is standing again at this election, and is being challenged by candidates from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and the Yorkshire Party.

If Mr Andrew holds the seat on Thursday, it will be a blow for Labour – though may not necessarily reflect the national picture, as all the parties are expected to do better in some areas of the UK than others.