Tories urge pro-UK voters to unite and back them in Scotland

The Tories warned the General Election in Scotland is on a “knife edge” as they called on pro-union supporters to back the party.

Scottish Conservatives leader Jackson Carlaw said that was the only way to “make Nicola Sturgeon listen for once”.

Scotland’s First Minister will write to the Prime Minister, whoever that may be following Thursday’s General Election, demanding the power to hold a second vote on independence.

Mr Carlaw said as he launched a new campaign advert: “We can say no to a second independence referendum, we can say no to more division and we can make Nicola Sturgeon listen for once.”

Speaking ahead of Thursday’s ballot, the Tory argued: “Nicola Sturgeon has had her say during this election campaign.

“She’s said she’d prop up Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 despite his unsuitability for the job.

“She’s made clear she’ll demand a second independence referendum as early as Friday.

“She has said she wants to hold that referendum next year, dragging us back to yet more division.

“She has had her say, on Thursday we can have ours.”

Mr Carlaw added: “In 2017, people came together and backed the Scottish Conservatives.

“It hit the SNP hard and, as a result, we forced Nicola Sturgeon to put indyref2 on hold. We need to tell her again and halt the Nationalists in their tracks.

“Across Scotland, this election is on a knife edge. A few hundred voters could make all the difference.

“So this week, I am urging all pro-UK voters in Scotland to come together and back us.

“We are the only party with the strength and resolve to beat the SNP, and stop that referendum for good.”