Jeremy Clarkson calls Greta Thunberg 'mad and dangerous'

Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson laid into Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg during an interview intended to promote the new season of his show The Grand Tour: Seamen.

The global warming sceptic recently appeared to have had a change of heart after a trip to Cambodia where he witnessed quote 'not much rain'.

But when asked if he was aligned with Thunberg, he responded: "No, I would never align myself with her. She's mad and dangerous and she's causing young children sleepless nights with her idiocy.

"No, I think she needs to get back to school and shut up. So, I am not aligned with her. I simply reported on what we saw, which was not much rain in Cambodia."

The teenage activist arrived in Lisbon after a three-week catamaran journey across the Atlantic for the United Nations' Cop25 summit in Madrid, where she will invoke the fury of global youth at politicians' foot-dragging over climate change.