Which seats have the main party leaders visited during the campaign?

With just over a week to go until polling day, Jeremy Corbyn continues to have the edge over his rivals in terms of campaign visits.

The Labour leader has clocked up 52 constituencies so far, compared with 46 for Boris Johnson and 25 for Jo Swinson.

Mr Corbyn has travelled as far afield as Dundee West in Scotland and Truro and Falmouth in south-west England.

But his choice of constituency has been very focused.

POLITICS Election Visits
POLITICS Election Visits

The 21 Conservative seats he has visited are all marginals that are on Labour’s target list – and all bar four of them would change hands on a swing of below 5%.

The Labour constituencies he has toured have been a mixture of places where the Tories are a threat – such as Ashfield and Lancaster and Fleetwood – and safe Labour seats which Mr Corbyn has used as a backdrop for high-profile events and campaign launches.

He has also been to six seats that are being defended by the SNP. Polls suggest Labour has little chance of gaining any of these constituencies, so perhaps Mr Corbyn’s visits were more of a morale-boosting exercise than tactical campaigning.

The Labour leader has yet to visit Wales – unlike Boris Johnson, who has visited all four nations of the UK.

The Prime Minister’s itinerary has taken him to a more diverse range of locations electorally than his Labour counterpart.

POLITICS Election Visits
POLITICS Election Visits

He has been to 19 Labour-held constituencies, including some – Sedgefield, Stockton North and Oldham West and Royton – that would need very big swings to change hands.

Others are Labour-held marginals, such as Bedford, Wolverhampton South West and Wrexham.

Mr Johnson has been to more Tory-held seats (23) than Labour (19), including his own seat – and Labour target – Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

He has also been to a seat being defended by the Liberal Democrats: Brecon and Radnorshire.

Mr Corbyn has yet to visit any Lib Dem seats – a reflection of how few Labour-Lib Dem battlegrounds there are at this election.

Meanwhile Ms Swinson has made far fewer visits than her two counterparts.

The Lib Dem leader has been to 25 seats so far, only two of which are being defended by the Lib Dems.

One of these is her own marginal constituency of East Dunbartonshire, where Ms Swinson is facing a strong challenge from the SNP.

The other is Carshalton and Wallington, one of the Tories’ top targets in London.

Elsewhere Ms Swinson has visited some places that require huge swings for the Lib Dems to win, such as Watford (18.3%), Esher and Walton (20.7%) and North East Somerset (22.7%).

She has also been to the most marginal seat in the UK: North East Fife, where the SNP is defending a majority of two and which would fall to the Lib Dems on a swing of just 0.01%.