Duke to learn about sustainable fishing on last day in Oman

The Duke of Cambridge will spend his final day in Oman learning about sustainable fishing.

William will join a group of local fisherman to hear about how they fish, the challenges to achieving sustainability, and actions being taken to conserve Oman’s marine environment.

The duke will also visit the Marine Science Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries which is working with the UK Government’s marine science agency, Cefas, to share expertise and build capacity for sustainable aquaculture and fisheries management.

During the visit, William will meet Omani scientists collaborating with Cefas, and participate in laboratory work, to learn more about how the UK is supporting Oman aquaculture and fisheries to become more sustainable.

Later, the duke will join young Omanis taking part in an Outward Bound Oman training exercise at the Wadi al Arbaeen.

Outward Bound was launched in Wales in 1941 to equip young people with important life skills through learning and adventures in the wild and was established in Oman in 2009.

At the wadi, William will join young people, instructors and members of the community as they take part in activities designed to develop skills including leadership, resilience, and teamwork.