Dolphins drag British girl, 10, underwater during 'ethical' swimming experience in Mexico

Two bottlenose dolphins dragged a frightened schoolgirl underwater and left her injured after a swimming experience with the animals went wrong.

Lexi Yeo, ten, was in the water with the sea creatures at Dolphin Discovery in Cancun, Mexico, when they suddenly turned on her.

Her mother Laura-Jane Yeo watched in horror as the youngster was submerged during the TUI holiday.

She was eventually rescued from the sea pen when trainers grabbed her on her bodyboard.

Lexi suffered cuts, bruises and deep wounds after she was bitten by the dolphins.

Ms Yeo, from east London, told The Sun: "It was terrifying. I thought she was going to die.

"But I've not even had a card, flowers or terry bear for Lexi from TUI. They have washed their hands of us.

"More concerning, the dolphins are still swimming with tourists and TUI are continuing to work with the company."

Dolphin Discovery blamed the behaviour of the animals on adverse weather conditions that put them under stress.

The trainers at the 'ethical' Dolphin Gimmie All experience had desperately tried to get the dolphins to release the girl.

TUI said it was investigating the matter and added in a letter to Ms Yeo: "Once again we would like to apologize for your experience, as this is not the usual standard of the day and not what you expect for guests.

"We have passed all comments and feedback on to our supplier and are still awaiting a response in regards to refund for you.

"We are working out the logistics with the supplier as we wish to get you the most money back as possible."

- This article first appeared on Yahoo