On the campaign trail on Sunday

The London Bridge terror attack will be the focus of debate on Sunday as both main party leaders face TV grillings.


Boris Johnson will be interviewed on the BBC by Andrew Marr. The move to invite Mr Johnson onto the show has proved controversial because the PM has yet to agree to be interviewed by on the BBC by Andrew Neil who gave Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a tough time on anti-Semitism and Labour’s tax and spending plans.


The Andrew Marr Show goes head-to-head with Sophy Ridge on Sunday on Sky News where Mr Corbyn will be interviewed. Following that, he will make a foreign policy speech in Yorkshire and make a stump speech elsewhere in the county afterwards.

The major parties

On Sunday evening, ITV is hosting a seven-way “leaders debate” – but it is unclear who will represent Labour or the Conservatives. However, party leaders Jo Swinson, Nicola Sturgeon, Sian Berry and Adam Price are all confirmed to be taking part.