London Bridge attacker acted alone, says Met Police chief

The London Bridge attacker who killed two people in a terrorist incident on Friday acted alone, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has said.

Asked by journalists at the scene to confirm this, she said: “At this stage that is our understanding. Of course, the investigation will continue following all the most pressing and obvious lines of inquiry and we must make 100% of that of course.

“That will be done as quickly as possible, I’m not prepared to give you a moment-by-moment commentary on the investigation.”

She thanked Londoners for their “perseverance” in allowing the police to investigate the crime scene within the cordoned off area around London Bridge and said officers would be there “for some time to come”.

She added: “Yesterday, as well as all that horror, we witnessed extraordinary courage by members of the public and indeed the City of London and other police officers and emergency services.

“We saw some wonderful examples of professionalism, of quick thinking and of course of compassion.”

Ms Dick said: “London continues with its business. We’re full of tourists, the shops are open, people are going around their daily lives.

“I’m pleased to see that, I’m not surprised to see that. We are a very resilient city and we all play our part in keeping the city running and not allowing people like this criminal to prevail over our city.”

The Met Commissioner confirmed a big increase in police presence in the city, including armed officers.

She said: “Right across London you will be seeing a large increase in unarmed officers and armed officers.

“We’ve been reviewing all the events we have in London to try to make sure we can make them as safe as we possibly can and reassure people and we’ve also of course been reaching out to people in our communities providing reassurance.

“Our priority is, of course, the investigation and providing support to the people who have been affected by these terrible events.

“At the same to reassure London and keep London safe. Rest assured, the Met will do that and we will do everything in our power.”