UK cyclist caught on camera being 'car doored' by careless passenger

A Leicester cyclist was filmed on a rear dashcam being "car doored" by a passenger who failed to check if the road was clear before opening the door on November 26.

Footage shows the cyclist in high-visibility clothing and a bright light filter through the traffic as the car in question pulls off to the left but the passenger in the car's backseat opens the door without looking and stops the cyclist in his tracks.

The cyclist was visibly injured but is able to move from the busy road to the side of the road, out of the way of traffic.

The filmer explained: "[There are] so many incidents compound into one thing here, the cars behind all desperate to get past the cyclist despite the queue ahead.

"The woman in the black car should have stayed behind the cyclist if she was planning on pulling up in the bus stop.

"The woman in the grey car shouldn't have tried overtaking. Not enough space for the cyclist and she was approaching stationary traffic.

"Why so desperate to get past and join a queue?

"The fact the grey car was too close to him and unnecessarily trying to overtake hindered the space the cyclist could give the black car and he had no chance of avoiding the inevitable.

"Woman in the black car totally unaware that she'd literally pulled up in front of a cyclist and didn't tell her children to wait to open the door.

"Cyclist approaching a little quickly up to the traffic. So much wrong here."