Dina Asher-Smith fully focused on Olympic glory

Dina Asher-Smith’s immediate ambition for next year’s Olympics in the wake of her World Championships triumph is to arrive in Tokyo “fit and fast”.

Asher-Smith stormed to victory in the 200m final in Doha in October having already won silver in the 100m and she is the fastest woman in British history after setting national records in both distances.

But, for the moment, the 23-year-old Londoner is limiting her Olympic objectives to ensuring she has the best possible chance of challenging in Japan.

Asher-Smith won gold in the 200m in Doha
Asher-Smith won gold in the 200m in Doha

“I’m really, really happy after the worlds. I feel really good, but now I’m back into training six days a week and all eyes are firmly set on the Olympics,” Asher-Smith said at the Sports Journalists’ Association British Sports Awards.

“There are so many things to do and qualify for before we get there. I’d like to get there fit and fast.

“It’s a long way away so I’m hoping just to be able to train and get there in a good position.

“I’m just rolling with it all at the moment, I haven’t really taken it in yet but that’s because we’re always looking towards the next week.”

Asher-Smith took a break from the sport after departing Doha as the new poster girl of British athletics.

“I went on holiday to Mauritius with friends. I had some nice time on the beach and did loads of stuff with my friends, the kind of stuff I can’t do normally as an athlete,” she said.