Officer commended for Grenfell work gets community service over child abuse video

A highly decorated police officer who had a child abuse video on her phone has avoided a jail term – but has been told her career is all but over.

Novlett Robyn Williams, who was commended for her work after the Grenfell Tower disaster, was sentenced to 200 hours of community service for possession of an indecent image at the Old Bailey on Tuesday following a trial.

The court heard 54-year-old Williams received the video from her older sister, co-defendant Jennifer Hodge, via WhatsApp.

The court accepted Williams did not view the material, although jurors were not convinced by Williams’ claim she was unaware of its presence on her phone.

Williams, of south London, showed no emotion as sentence was passed down by Judge Richard Marks QC.

Novlett Robyn Williams court case
Novlett Robyn Williams court case

The judge said: “You have had a stellar career in the police force over 30 years. That is amply demonstrated by the awards you received, the rank you achieved, and truly outstanding character references.

“Against this background, it is completely tragic you found yourself in the position you now do.”

He added: “The consequences to you of this conviction will undoubtedly be immense, particularly as far as your employment and your career are concerned.”

Scotland Yard said Williams remains on restricted duties, though she could yet end up losing her career pending a misconduct investigation into the matters.