Caller's U-turn after claiming Corbyn's Labour echoes Nazi Germany

When a caller to James O'Brien's LBC radio show claimed that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour has echoes of Nazi Germany, she was eventually forced to concede that she was wrong after she couldn't provide one piece of evidence.

Chief Rabbi of the UK Ephraim Mirvis this week claimed the Labour leader was "unfit for high office", and said that the "very soul of our nation is at stake" in next month's general election.

In the wake of these comments LBC hosted a call-in on the issue, which featured a caller named Rosanna. She came on to explain why she feels that Jews feel so frightened by the prospect of Corbyn in Downing Street.

She said: "We are heeding the warnings of our parents and grandparents who were in Germany. That is what we're afraid of."

Based on the implication that she was concerned about the current Labour leader due to his similarities with a Nazi, O'Brien asked what evidence she had that Jeremy Corbyn and Adolf Hilter had anything in common.

O'Brien said: "I know how Hitler marshalled anti-Semitism as a political force and used it long before he assumed full power. He used it as an incredibly potent weapon.

"Where are the examples of Jeremy Corbyn using anti-Semitism as a political weapon."

The caller was forced to admit: "I shouldn't have said Nazis."