Farmers ranked the best drivers in Britain

Farmers have been crowned Britain’s best motorists — beating salespeople and light goods drivers to top spot.

In new analysis of claims data from car insurance firm 1st Central, nursing managers were ranked the worst drivers on British roads. They were followed by insurance representatives and takeaway delivery drivers.

  1. Farmer

  2. Salesperson

  3. Light goods driver

  4. Driving instructor

  5. Mechanic

The analysis of 2.4 million motorists in Britain showed a diverse cross-section of the British public represented in both the best and worst rankings. However, the finance sector was badly represented, with both insurance representatives and mortgage brokers in the top five worst professions. Dental surgeons were considered the ninth-worst drivers in Britain, but this does represent a small improvement on last year, when they were fourth worst.

  1. Nursing manager

  2. Insurance representative

  3. Takeaway delivery driver

  4. Mortgage broker

  5. Police community support officer

On the other end of the scale, other professions that proved to be safe behind the wheel included driving instructors, mechanics, and fruit and veg pickers. Painters made it just inside the top 10 claiming ninth, though that shows a significant slide in fortune after taking top spot in last year’s data.

Rounding out the top 10 for the worst drivers were psychologists, while the tenth-best drivers are said to be students.