Lexus reveals the UX300e — its first electric vehicle


Lexus has pulled the covers back on the UX300e — the firm’s first electric car.

Designed with the Chinese market in mind and based on the existing UX crossover, the 300e features a 150kW electric motor that’s linked to a 54.3kWh battery pack.

As a result, Lexus says it’s capable of covering ‘around’ 250 miles on single charge, with charging speeds of up to 50kW supported. No word yet on how long a charge will take, however.

Though its powertrain may be a step away from the UX’s regular hybrid powertrain, its styling has remained largely identical. The large front grille remains despite the absence of an internal combustion engine, though a new wheel design and an underbody cover have been introduced in a bid to cut drag.

Changes have been made to the platform as well to accommodate the new powertrain. Additional bracing and shock absorber tweaks have been made to aid refinement, which is taken further with new insulation around the battery that aims to cut external road noises feeding into the cabin.

Though it remains to be seen if any new equipment will be added to the car, the Japanese firm has confirmed its ‘LexusLink’ smartphone application will allow owners to preheat the car, as well as check its battery level remotely. An artificial sound is also created by the car — dubbed Active Sound Control — and is delivered into the interior.

Lexus will first introduce the UX300e in China in 2020, with a view to it arriving on the UK market by 2021. Pricing and specifications are likely to be confirmed closer to its launch, though expect a bump over the current UX’s £29,905 starting price.